I had many people around the voting booth making sure no one entered more than once, and secondly the staff was instructed to only give out one program guide per person. So you could not get more than one if you wanted to. I did not pick this movie, the audience did. I can't remember the number of votes each of those films you named, received, but if I recall correctly, they were not higher than 10 each. Don't get me wrong, all the films that played that night were great, but this happened to have the highest votes. It's maybe a film you don't fancy, but apparently the majority of voters did. Honestly, there were over 300 people that night, and we only received approx. 156 votes total in the box. So maybe those other 150 agree with you, but they did not vote. We're going to continue having this festival, and we're planning to have a judging commission as well as an audience choice award next year, so it'll give a chance for more variety and satisfying you the audience. :)

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